Occhio Story

The Papavassiliou family, originated from Cappadocia and Messinia, entered the trade sector with the establishment of one of the oldest jewelry stores in ​​Kallithea, Greece, in 1957. The founder and owner, Paris Papavassiliou, got the optics diploma and along with his wife, Zoe, launched the first optical store of the family in 1971.

In 1982, Charalambos Papavassiliou, son of Paris and Zoe Papavassiliou, along with his wife Villy, founded the import company of optical goods, Char. Papavassiliou SA. In 1994, they open the first Occhio Papavassiliou optical store in Kallithea, Greece.

Today, the management of the Occhio Papavassiliou stores has been taken over by Charalambos and Villi Papavassiliou’s children, Paris and Eliza. Occhio Papavassiliou stores are the fastest growing optical stores’ chain in Athens, Greece.

It consists of 14 stores, 10 of which are located in the most central locations of Athens, characterized by high traffic as traditional shopping destinations.